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Yoda OG

Typical of hybrid strains, Yoda OG influences both the body and mind simultaneously, making for a full on, head to toe high. smart cart exotic editionThis dominantly indica offspring has a soothing effect on the senses that mellows the mind and calms the body to a state of ultimate chill. kosher kush exotic carts


Yoda OG

Yoda OG, a descendant of the legendary OG Kush, is an indica-dominant strain that induces heavy relaxation of the mind and body. Yoda OGThis strain boasts its OG genetics with chunky pale buds, a tangle of orange hairs, and a pungent citrus aroma. Its sedating, euphoric effects make it a popular medicine for anxiety and insomnia, and it also provides an extra kick to the appetite. yoda og exotic cartsSeasoned consumers may be able to withstand its heaviness during the day, but Yoda OG is most popularly chosen for nighttime consumption.

About Yoda OG

Yoda OG is said to hail from Florida, before it eventually migrated to Southern California, where it began to gain its present day fame and notoriety. exotic carts yoda ogRumors suggest the strains lineage are Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush. master yoda ogIt is also believed OG Kush resides in its lineage although it is unlikely to be Yoda’s direct parent strain.

The Indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis is well renowned for its potent effects which induce heavy relaxation of both the body and of the mind. buy exotic carts onlineThis powerful balance of effects can leave novice users feeling couch locked and lazy, so be advised before using this as a wake and bake at extreme doses. Exotic CartsThis strain is best suited for lazy days, afternoons or nights to curl up in front of the television set and watch cinematic classics. Not an ideal choice for busy days or tiresome social interactions.

Yoda OG has a pungent scent, a mix of rich earthiness with a hint of wood, almost like tilling soil in a great forest. exotic carts cartridgesIt is quite a powerful scent so be advised before sparking indoors. The taste is sweet and crisp, with hints of lemon and vanilla, a figurative garden of sweets. exotic carts fakeThe appearance is said to be what inspired the name, with beautiful orange hairs sprouting out of pale green nuggets. exotic carts flavorsThe plump buds are generously frosted with a crystal coating, swollen trich heads dancing about the pale buds.

This strain holsters very powerful medicinal properties. exotic carts for saleYoda OG can be used to treat depression and anxiety, leaving users feeling relaxes as it sends them into a relaxed euphoria. exotic carts officialThis relaxed euphoria can also prove beneficial to those suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders, lulling users into a deep and satisfying sleep that will no doubt leave them feeling refreshed and reinvigorated upon waking up the next morning.

For those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Bipolar Disorder, Yoda OG is a good choice of strain to medicate with. exotic carts packagingYoda OG also offers a pain-killing edge, making it useful for alleviating those aches and pains throughout the body or to quickly stave off migraines and headaches.

Star Wars enthusiast or simply a fan of the good ole green, you’re guaranteed a sedated trip through space with this indica dominant hybrid. exotic carts priceAs with other members of the indica family, Yoda OG is best known for its soothing cerebral qualities, making it a real hit with medical marijuana users. exotic carts reviewBut the rest of the cannabis community need not feel left out, the low humming buzz of this drowsy dope makes it a popular pre-bed treat for any pot smoker. exotic carts websiteLight one up and let yourself be lulled into a dream state of lightsaber battles and little wise green guys.

Yoda OG is one dank bud. exotic dab cartsThis voluptuous little beauty has a thick head of orange hairs sprouting from light green nugs nestled between pastel sugar leaves. Its plump pale green body is covered in a crystal frosting bejeweled with golden trichomes that glisten with the promise of good times ahead.

Its earthy aroma has a distinct citrus zing with a soft scent of vanilla and its pine-like pungency is reminiscent of forest walks and freshly chopped Christmas trees.

But thoughts of physical exertion or even just leaving the house will fast disappear in a puff of pungent smoke as soon as you pack your first bowl. exotic smart cartsTake a drag of this soothing strain and you’ll be settled down for some serious couch lock in no time.

Yoda OG’s high THC percentage makes this pot particularly potent. But, like a sneaky little yoda dude that’s hard to spot, it creeps up on you slowly. fake exotic cartsIt may take a bit to kick in, but once it does you will experience a cerebral and body high at the same time, so get comfortable first and be prepared. real exotic cartsI’d suggest packing yourself a bowl or bong, putting on your favorite Hollywood film, and then zoning out to some chilled out TV time as you wait for the mind and body high to build.

Typical of hybrid strains, Yoda OG influences both the body and mind simultaneously, making for a full on, head to toe high. smart cart exotic editionThis dominantly indica offspring has a soothing effect on the senses that mellows the mind and calms the body to a state of ultimate chill. kosher kush exotic cartsIf you’re looking to zone the world out and become one with your Netflix treasure chest of Star Wars reruns, this is the strain to choose. On the other hand, if you’ve got important tasks to get done or dinner with your girlfriend’s parents later on, a dip into a more energizing sativa baggie would be a better alternative.

The key to optimal cannabis to occasion pairing, is knowing the difference between the indica and sativa families. smart carts exotic editionIndica strains tend to induce a more sleep-like state, while sativa varieties will have you energized and ready for action.

At 80% indica, 20% sativa, Yoda OG is the ideal bedtime bud. It will conquer insomnia like Luke Skywalker combating Darth Vader – with the full power of The Force behind him. what are exotic cartsYou might need to move that mandatory midnight snack a little earlier on in the evening though – smoking this strain is guaranteed to bring on a mega case of the munchies.


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