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Crossing Super Silver Haze with Cheese was an ambitious project which could have led to a true clash of the titans! feminized seedsThe tall Sativa structure and mind-blowing high of one of the best-loved members of the Haze family had to combine with the compact, heavy, physically relaxing traits of Cheese to retain the best features of both varieties in a stable feminized seed strain. 

autoflowering seeds feminized, Success was achieved in a breeding line with the desired balance of vigorous growth, moderate height gain, rewarding yield and the all –important dual effect of body-stone and mental high. how to feminize seedsAfter no little effort, Super Silver Cheese was born; feminized cannabis seedsall that remained was to feminize the seed strain, and the finished product was ready for our fans to buy!

Super Silver Cheese Feminized seeds will delight growers and consumers alike; feminized seeds usathe unapologetic double slam of Cheese and Haze potencies offers the best of both worlds, simultaneously elevating the mood and melting away muscle stress. what are feminized seeds, The distinctive aroma of Cheese is sweetened by topnotes of chamomile and musk from the Haze parent, feminized seeds saleresulting in a special flavor that we can’t get enough of!

Super Silver Cheese is a cross between our SuperSilver and our Cheese, we feminized the Super Silver to pollinate our Royal Dutch Cheese. cheap feminized seeds usaThis is a new member of our 100%female breeders cross that can be used for further breeding purposes. feminized cannabis seeds usaThis plant has a very unique taste and smell that lies somewhere between the sweet cheddar ‘cheesey’ smell and the musky Super Silver. feminized seeds coloradoFinding a unique pheno that suits your needs is not difficult for all those who love the Royal Dutch Cheese or the Super Silver.

Feminized cannabis seeds are designed to produce only female plants. how to make feminized seedsUsually, a cannabis seed can develop into a male or female plant; auto feminized seedsthe entire process is determined by the sex expressing X and Y chromosomes. feminized weed seeds“Feminization” is a process of conditioning female plants to obtain male pollen needed for seed production. best feminized seedsA plant with two X chromosomes will be female 99% of the time, while regular cannabis seeds (XY genetic set) sometimes have a tendency to produce more male than female individuals.

Anyone who’s ever savored a joint owes their enjoyment to the fruits of the cannabis plant, but moreover, to the female of the species. buy exotic carts onlineThat’s because only female cannabis plants produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers that deliver the flavors and effects consumers look for.

This is why many North American growers are turning to feminized seeds—cannabis seeds that carry only female genetics, and can be relied on to produce only female plants. Exotic CartsBy creatively applying technologies to seed feminization, modern breeders like Kannabia can ensure female genetics in seeds with a nearly 100% success rate.

Cannabis plants that are pollinated naturally or with traditional breeding techniques can produce both male or female seeds. exotic carts cartridgesThese are known as regular seeds and, as in most species, they occur with about an even split between the two sexes. exotic carts fakeThat means cannabis cultivators starting with standard seeds have about a 50% chance of yielding a female plant from each one.

As a result, growing cannabis from regular seeds isn’t very efficient—it’s akin to running a bakery that has to throw out every second loaf of bread. exotic carts flavorsGrowers working from regular seeds have to account for the fact that roughly half of their plants could be males. exotic carts for saleWhile those plants are of some value to breeders, exotic carts packagingfolks growing for flower won’t find much to like in them, and too many male plants can spoil a grow.

Traditionally, the solution to this has been an inelegant one, exotic carts reviewwith many cultivators planting at least twice as many seeds as they hope to harvest with the assumption that about half of them will be useless. exotic carts officialHowever big a harvest you’re looking for, using regular seeds means you’ll have to plant twice that many seeds.

  • Sunny / Mediterranean Super Silver Cheese Feminized can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.
  • High plant Super Silver Cheese Feminized will grow substantially during the flowering phase.
  • Flowering 70 – 80 days Super Silver Cheese Feminized will have a relatively long flowering time.
  • Yield Medium Yield Super Silver Cheese Feminized will produce a decent amount of bud
  • 80% Sativa The Super Silver Cheese Feminized strain has large proportion of Sativa genes in its background.

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